Thursday, September 30, 2010

20 weeks baby number 6

We are halfway!! YAY!!! Well perhaps even further then halfway considering we will be booked for a c/s at least a week before the due date of 19th of February 2010.

We had our scan today. All went well, with baby measuring just 5 days ahead of dates. There was a 3 hr wait for the scans so will have to pick them up tomorrow, then I can sticky beak at the report to check if everything is all going well.

And we are having a BOY :) !!!!!!!

But gosh, its going to be a challenge to come up with a awesum boys name to match the other awesum names our kids already have!!! Even reading up on baby name sites is not giving us any ideas. The only thing we are sure on is that we don't want to repeat the same initials, J, C, L, A, S or K............Should be easy peasy............

As for me??? Still going ok, feeling quiet well considering this is pregnancy number 6. I was worried that pregnancy would get harder each time, but being pregnant with Kaydence and now this time has been the easiest (so far, touch wood).

But I have to admit that I'm starting to 'feel' pregnant. Waddling a bit, getting really round and starting to get puffed if I try to exert myself too much! So slack with my fitness this time round!! Trying not to put on too much weight either, but I really hate to 'watch' what I'm eating when pregnant, I mean if I can't be free and eat what I want now, when would I ever get the 'perfect' excuse to gain a few extra kgs???

Oh and a quick reminder to self, pickles and prunes are not a tasty combo at 11pm!!!!


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