Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Homeschool Clutter!

When I first started our journey of homeschooling I never ever thought that I would end up with too many resources!!

Well in just a year and a half I have lots of stuff, I've been very lucky to have been given stuff from other homeschooling mums, purchased a few things here and  there, and of course laminated and photocopied lots of stuff.

I love to laminate lol!!

But lately its been so much of a burden to keep organised, I mean just getting through the everyday chores and keeping up with book work and homeschooling excursions leaves little time to organise the clutter. School work becomes hard work when we can't find what we need.

This week we have no excursions on. Thats right! We are staying home all day everyday :)

So I'm working on my hotspots of homeschooling clutter. And catching up the kids with their bookwork.

 I chose this area at the top of the staircase as it is the dumping ground of stuff that either needs to go back to our homeschool space or gets used upstairs (as we usually do most of our school work in the dining room).  Its a combo of party stuff, computer stuff, books not being used this year, old paperwork that needs to be tossed, yep there is a theme going on here - stuff that's not really being used.

After - but still work in progress
 So after a few good hours things a looking and feeling a lot more organised. I still have to put things not being used into a more suitable place but I have to organise a few more hotspots to be able to move this stuff on :)

Fingers crossed for another successful day tomorrow :)


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