Saturday, December 29, 2012

Oh so very tired....

But I just can't seem to sleep! This is the 4th night in a row where I've gone to bed tired but to restless to sleep.

Anyone have a spare magic wand to wave around?

I thought I had done everything right to ensure I would crash when I went to bed, no napping, no caffine and I even went to the gym at 4pm (not to close to bed time so that I would be suitably worn out but not too energised lol).

Argh and now I'm sitting with a hot milo, but on the computer which is bad (apparently) but who minds when I'm probably going to be up til 3m like the last few nights.

I hate being this tired as it really affects the motivation for pretty much everything, and I start getting forgetful, like forgetting to visit people! Yikes!

Well surely I can't keep it up to much longer and will hopefully start sleeping normal hours again!

The only thing good about this is that I'm ultra prepared to attend to the babies when they wake up!!


  1. Sue
    Are you having any multi vitamins? My husband has found that the mens multi vitamins keep him awake, one of the herbs must be doing it.

  2. I've actually been slack about taking my vitamins, it seems to have passed now thankfully :)