Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mothers Day

Well so far this year I've already gotten 3 'early' mothers day pressies :)

Livia bought me cards, a plant and a pen and note pad from the school stall :) and Callum decided he needed to buy me a box of chocolates and a awesum card - that cost him 6 BUCKS! OMG! How he stressed over spending that much money on his mum! lol!! oh and I managed to get a cuddle out of him too!

So tomorrow I've been promised that Aliya will be getting me something from the mothers day stall as well......

While I have already told that kiddies that a sleep in and lots of cuddles and kisses will suit me just fine, they are very eager to 'get' me things :)

I love love love my kids :)

Oh yeah, Did I forget to mention that the chocolates were yummy?? I don't eat dark chocolate, but of course couldn't break Callum's heart by telling him this!! lol!! but in the end I think I am converted! They were divine!


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