Monday, October 14, 2013

Swimming at the Quarry :)

So its been ages and ages since my last post. Life has been busy as per usual, and I've missed being able to read my blog, reflect on and enjoy the business :)

So jumping back into it with an extra ordinary splash, with some pics from the local  quarry we have just discovered!

We had been traveling to a quarry about 30mins away and are so excited to find out that there is an old quarry just a few suburbs away!

The water was cool and refreshing, and while swimming in quarries is not everyone's cup of tea, I like to take my older kids down for a swim and to jump off the cliffs into the water. The big boys are generally the daring ones and will jump while the girls, Silas and I like to swim and relax. We even go fishing here and catch Australian Bass, 5 are now our pets in the fish tank!

I'll have to get some action shots to share :)


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