Saturday, August 3, 2013

I have a blog!

"Wow! I now have a blog! After spending hours and hours reading blogs, I thought what the heck, lets give this a go, and if all else fails, well at least I can look upon this as a diary of sorts when my sleep deprived mind forgets what year it is. Now I just have to find the time........................"

My 1st ever blog post from back in 2009!!! And as the days get busy and some of my memories fade, to give way to new and exciting memories, I love the fact that I have a blog, full of wonderful pictures and my thoughts of happening from long ago. 

I've spent the day with the kids going back through my blog, as one would do with a photo album. But I don't keep a regular photo album now that I have all my photos digital.

Its days like this where it renews my blogging desire :) 

Its the little things I want to keep memories off - like Braith being independent and doing his own buttons up and chastising his lost bottle like a little old lady "Where are you cheeky milk bottle!" How cute!!

And that Aliya is getting so grown up now! She is able to easily navigate the computer, selecting movies to watch on a usb and set up the media player for her siblings!  I can rely on her to help out and actually do a task as I would do it :) And she has just lost 2 molars - that poor broke tooth fairy!

So back to blogging I go :)


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