Sunday, January 6, 2013

Family Day at the Museum

After sneaking in a gym session this morning, it was decided that we would head out to the museum, as its been over a year since our last visit.

Not too much had changed but everyone had a blast seeing the little guys discover the all the amazing things on display.

Silas and Aliya my little dinosaurs!

Some stick insect eggs we were able to take home - hopefully they hatch for us :)

If we're lucky our eggs will hatch and we will be the proud parents of one of these guys

Loving Livia's adventurous fashion style and yes its summer here!

Braith eying off some toys from the 50's

A mood board from the fashion exhibit - might be a good homeschool project

Livia was well impressed with this cardboard art creation 

Braith roaring at a dinosaur skeleton - he excited a group of Asian tourists who took photos of him! 

I love simple family days out that create fond memories to look back on :) 2013 will be the Year of the Family for us :) 


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