Sunday, March 20, 2011

Revisiting 2010 goals....

Well what a slow start to my blogging this year!

I thought that perhaps a review of my goals of last year would let me gain a bit more focus on what I hope to achieve with my time this year, instead of feeling as though the day to day drudgery of chores is the meaning of my existence.......

Just skimming over the list I can already see that there are things I actually did achieve, things that will be on this years list and things that just are not relevant or that I feel are important anymore.

So here is the 2010 list

1. Exercising at least 3 times a week. The more active I am the more energetic I feel.
2. Drink more water.
3. Lose 20kgs this year. I have already lost 3kgs so I have 17kgs to go. 60kgs is my goal but 65kgs and under is a good weight for me.
4. Get married in August/September. Finally after being together for 11 years its time to tie the knot.
5. Finishing renovating our house. Adding in a extra 2 bedrooms, building in underneath to add a extra living space, bathroom and laundry, complete with internal stairs. This has been a ambition for many years now and I would soooooo luv to have it done and dusted this year! PLEASE! (Perhaps I should list this as separate rooms to help fill my 50 quota!)

6.Be happier, smile more.
7. Be more involved with the children's school, 1 day a week to start with.
8. Have the children complete all their homework, every week (standard one would say but with 3 at school and 2 little ones to deal with as well as after school sports it becomes a necessity on this list!)
9. Ring my little brother more often, he is the only one living across the country and I know he gets terribly homesick for family while there and no one else makes much effort to call him.
10.Take more photos

11. Print out the photos I take and put in albums, we lost a hard drive this year that has all of Kaydence's baby photos on there, so its been a hard lesson to learn :(
12. Go camping. Some where new.
13. Take more care of myself. Getting my hair done regularly instead of once every 6-12mths.
14. Take a pottery class.
15. Learn to ride a horse.

16. Have more patience.
17. Kick start my veggie garden again so I am able to actually make meals from it.
18. Take the boys to a Bronco's game.
19. Go to the races all dolled up.
20. Make fun cakes for all the kids parties.

21. Drinking cups of tea on swing set before everyone wakes in the morning, to enjoy the fresh morning air.
22. Take Silas and Kadee to the park at least once a week.
23. Finish my course of electrolysis, finally :) No stopping and starting this time.
24. Get my mum to go to the doctor to get her arthritis under control.
24. Laugh more.
25. Go to the library, read more without the expense of buying the books.

26. Pay off credit card debt. Would luv to pay them all off but will try to at least get one paid off.
27. Enrol Callum and Livia in high school. I want to send them to the local private school as i feel that they will have the opportunity that I never had.
28. Give more cuddles.
29. Live in the moment.
30. Don't sweat the small stuff.

31. Start date nights again. Perhaps we won't be able to fit in a night every week but more often then not will be nice.
32. Have the Odyssey fixed up, bumper bars replaced and a good service done on her.
33. Pat the animals more.
35. Finish the colour on my tattoo.

36. Get more organised.
37. Spring clean every month.
38. Bake every week with the kids.
39. Do craft activities with the kids every week
40. Family day out at least once a month.

41. Use the boat more for fishing.
42. Practice my new signature.
43. Conceive our final addition to our family after the wedding and hopefully by the end of the year.
44. Be frugal.
45. Watch less T.V.

46. Get more sleep.
47. Be more beautiful, inside and out.
48. Connect with everyone one special around me so that they all know how much I luv them.
49. Have everyone visit the dentist this year.
50. Remember to revisit and renew my motivation to achieve everything on this list :)


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